Training in Argentina


We spent essentially the entire month of February in Argentina training with the 2016 Gold Medalist team of Santiago Lange/Cecilia Carranzo Saroli, as well as our American training partners Bora Gulari/Helena Scutt. We worked hard every day, sailing double sessions when the wind allowed, and absorbing as much knowledge as we could. We might’ve been quick in the practice races of Miami, but there was still a lot for us to learn concerning boat speed in waves. 

Argentina was a beautiful place to sail, with a gorgeous club right on the river and lots of greenery surrounding us. The most interesting thing was definitely the water, though! It was the color of chocolate milk, which made discerning the puff/lull sequence on the water really challenging. But we think this ultimately proved beneficial, as it forced us to really read the water and feel the boat. 

At the end of the month we were feeling confident that we had checked off a few boxes in the weaknesses department, and were ready to head back into racing to see if our month of training had paid off, and of course, learn what else needs work! It's all in preparation for 2018 Aarhus World Championship, and most importantly, the 2020 Olympic Games!!