2018 World Cup Miami


Our time in Miami was chockfull of activity. The year began with a new boat, Nimbus 2020, arriving in Florida in early January. We spent the first few weeks of January putting her together while also participating in a US Sailing Team Training Camp with 3 other US Nacra teams: Bora Gulari/Helena Scutt, Ravi Parent/Christina Perrson, Sarah Newberry/David Liebenberg. It was a very busy time for us, involving long days on the water and in the boat park, but we managed to get it all done! In mid-January we loaded Black Magic Woman into a container bound for Argentina for February training, and began sailing Nimbus 2020 full time in preparation for the World Cup regatta at the end of the month. We were sailing well (winning practice races!), feeling good, and had high hopes for the regatta!

Unfortunately, those high hopes were not realized. We struggled to put together a solid race, only having pieces of the race go well for us. There were OCS’s, DNF’s….almost more letters than numbers on our scoreline. It was a very disheartening regatta for us, especially when we came into it with such high expectations. But as they say, fail until you succeed. So we sat down with our coach at the time, Jonathan McKee, and reviewed what we were doing right and what exactly we need to improve on. How could we go from decisively winning practice races to never rounding the windward mark in the top 10?? Thankfully, he had some sage advice to offer us, but also told us that we had what it takes to win a medal. A few tweaks and we would be standing on the podium. We walked away from the meeting feeling fired up to work hard in Argentina in preparation for our next event in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 

On the plus side, thanks to our finish at the World Championship in 2017, we had already qualified for the National US Sailing Team for the 2nd year in a row!

HERE are the Results (but it's disheartening to view, so please don't click)