Long Beach Training


After a week at home to rest, recuperate, and say hello to our pets (and parents!) Louisa, Bora, Helena, and Coach Mike headed to Riley’s home town of Long Beach, California for 2 weeks of solid training. It would be nice to train with two boats without a regatta looming over our heads.

We were very excited to dive into honing our boat speed and boat handling while also doing some experiments to discover what settings are indeed the best. We learned so much those 2 weeks and had an incredible time sailing together, simply enjoying the learning process and the freedom of sailing. We made gains in all conditions, and started to lock in our boat handling. In racing, boat handling is key because our races aren’t that long. If you can’t execute a good gybe when needed, you’ll lose boats every time and/or end up in a position that sets you up to lose boats. There will always be new things to learn and more to work on, but we are slowly checking boxes on the Win An Olympic Medal task list. 

All in all, we were feeling solid exiting our training camp, and were ready for another week off before heading to Marseille, France for the World Cup Final.