July and August Recap

With our new boat in tow, we made the 15 hour journey from the Hague, Netherlands to Riva del Garda, Lake Garda Italy. What a change in climate! Lake Garda was very hot and dry, hitting high 90’s routinely while we were there. Staying hydrated was extremely important to ensure that no days on the water were lost. The heat was worth it though, because Garda had a southerly that would come in every afternoon between 1pm and 2pm. Not to mention, it’s absolutely gorgeous! A stark blue lake surrounded by towering mountains….everytime we took a break on the water, we were reminded of how lucky we were to be training in such an incredible place.



Our training focused on discerning the best way to set up this new boat. There are so many variables to be explored, such as spreader sweep, mast rotation, shroud setting….the science experiments were endless! But very important. We believe that the gains made by us and our fellow US Team of Bora Gulari and Helena Scutt during our Garda trip were enormous compared to foreign teams. We were very blessed to have Sid Howlett, a sailing legend, coaching us during this time. 

While training hard is very important, we also believe time away from the boat can be equally invaluable. This may seem counterintuitive, but burn-out is a very real threat. Up at 7am, hours of boat work in the oppressive morning heat and then hours of aggressive training on the water, followed by debrief, dinner, and in bed 10pm makes for long days. Not to mention the mental fatigue of being away from home. To make sure we’re at our best for the World’s, Riley and I decided to take a 10 day break (Aug 13-24) at home in the United States. Riley spent time with his family and kiteboarded almost every day, while Louisa spent her days eating lots of food, training hard in the gym, and plenty of naps.

Curious what an Olympic Sailor’s workouts look like? Here’s a snapshot of one of Louisa’s favorite activities, boxing:



Circolo Vela Arco


At the end of August, we returned to Europe to begin preparations of the World Championship in La Grande Motte, France from September 5-10. I've written a recap of that event in a separate page, I hope you'll give it a read!