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The Olympic Games have moved away from amateur athletes in favor of professional athletes, which lead many international sailing federations to fully fund their athlete's expenses so the athletes could focus on sailing instead of fundraising. While the US is working hard to ease the financial burden by providing high-end coaching, it's still many years away from a fully funded program. In the meantime we need to cover travel expenses (for ourselves and the boat), training and racing expenses (new sails, spare parts, etc.), and living expenses (food, housing, etc).

To meet our funding necessity we rely on the generosity of friends, fellow Americans, and company partnerships to help us compete.  Please consider making a donation or becoming a partner!



Making the Olympic Team requires more than talent, it takes financial support as well. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

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                     2017 Team Budget. 

                     2017 Team Budget. 

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We are so grateful to our partners for their continued support of our ambitions. If you would like to become part of the team, please email us at:

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We hope you'll share our story with your friends and family! We have a Team Facebook page and Instagram filled with interesting tidbits and photos, and an email Newsletter with team updates.